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Your home is likely your largest asset.  Make sure it is properly protected.

The most common homeowners insurance policy is the HO-3. The HO-3 form covers the structure of your home for all perils, with some exclusions, and your personal property for a specific list of named perils  (Special form).  Windstorm (Hurricane) coverage is included in the HO-3 form but can be excluded. However, if you have a mortgage you will likely be required to carry wind insurance.

Primary coverages in a Homeowners policy:

Dwelling Coverage | Coverage to protect the physical structure of your home. Covered at replacement cost.

Other Structures | Protects structures on your property that are detached to your home (i.e. sheds, fences).

Personal Property | Covers your belongings such as furniture and clothing. We always recommend that you cover your Personal Property with Replacement Cost settlement rather than Actual Cash Value.

Loss of Use | After a claim, Loss of Use will pay for additional living expenses if you are unable to live in your home while repairs are being made.

Personal Liability | Protects you when you are legally responsible for injuries or damaged property of others.

Medical Payments | Pays for injuries to others hurt while on your property.

In addition to the coverages above, there are a number of optional coverages in addition to other policy forms. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


The primary difference between a Homeowners policy and a Condo policy (HO-6) is the amount of Dwelling coverage that is needed. In a condominium, the structure of your building and common areas should be insured by the Condo Association on a Master policy. This leaves the interior of your unit as your responsibility.

You should carry adequate coverage to rebuild the interior  of your unit from the studs in. This will include things such as drywall, flooring, cabinets, countertops and appliances. The dwelling coverage, like in any homeowners policy, is calculated using a Replacement Cost Estimator (RCE) to accurately estimate the cost to rebuild.

Contact us to find out more about condo insurance and get a quote today.




Renters Insurance (HO-4) provides coverage for your Personal Property while renting a home or apartment. In addition to your personal belongings, a renters policy will cover Personal Liability, Medical Payments and Loss of Use.

If you take a look around your home, you'll probably realize you own a lot more than you think (clothing, furniture, electronics, etc). The average renter in a two bedroom apartment has in excess of $20,000 worth of stuff. In the event of a claim, could you afford to replace all of your belongings?

Renters insurance is very affordable and often costs much less than you might expect. Policies are customizable to ensure you only pay for the coverage you need.


Wind Credits

The largest homeowners discounts available have to do with how well your home is prepared to resist wind damage. These credits are verified by having a Windstorm Mitigation Inspection completed by a license inspector. The inspection addresses the following areas, which can save you thousands.

Building Code

Roof Covering

Roof Deck Attachment

Roof to Wall Attachment

Roof Geometry

Secondary Water Resistance

Opening Protection (shutters,

impact glass, etc.)

Additional homeowners discounts are available to save even more.

Burglar Alarm

Fire Alarm



Gated/Secured Community


Ongoing Support

Roebuck Insurance is built around service. We continue assisting our customers well after a policy is sold for everything and anything you might need. Speak to the same people every time you call and never have to sit on hold. 

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